Standard / specific accessories

Presentation: accessories and replacement parts

The analysers in the Qualistar range are configurable, adaptable products equipped with various accessories.
Chauvin Arnoux invites you to discover all its accessories and replacement parts for equipping your measuring instruments.

Essailec plug for all the Qualistar models

A cable with an ESSAILEC plug can be used for testing without disturbances or interruptions in the power supply circuit on meters and the protective relays installed in the secondary circuits
of the current or voltage transformers. The main advantage is quick and simple measurement with maximum user safety.



From the set of coloured rings to the DataView® software.

Set of rings: Inserts and rings in 12 colours for quick identification



Bag no. 21

Bag no. 22

Set of IP67 caps

Set of 5 x 3 m IP67 banana leads (BB196)

Crocodile clips

USB-A/USB-B cable

IP67 mains power pack

5 A adapter


IP67 mains power cable