The Harmonics mode enables users to display the levels of harmonics order by order up to the 50th order in bargraph form. All the useful parameters are measured: global THD and THD per phase on U, I, V and VA, as well as the phase shift of the harmonics. Some models offer a VA Harmonics function and an "expert mode".
The bars representing the harmonics are signed (+ or -). Conventionally, positive harmonics are received and negative harmonics are transmitted.

  • display of the THD in %, the RMS value and the phase shift of each harmonic.
  • calculation of the harmonics in %f and %r
  • decomposition of the harmonics on the neutral conductor
  • calculation of the distorting voltages  and currents

Expert mode

This can be used to distinguish between harmonics which induce a negative sequence, a zero sequence and a positive sequence. It is then possible to analyse the influence of the harmonics on heating of the neutral or on rotating machines.