Graphical representation

The Qualistar+ models allow users to view all the inputs simultaneously. The measurements are displayed as waves, values or Fresnel diagrams. A display filter is available and can be viewed on the right-hand side of the screen. By simply pressing on the up and down arrows of the Qualistar+, users can customize the display of the signals: 3U, 3V, L1, etc.

The display of the voltage and current waveforms offers a qualitative view of signal distortion on the voltage or current or per phase.

This means it is very simple to compare the amplitudes and view the phase shifts between the fundamentals of each phase or between the currents and voltages.

  • Text summary of the Min/Max/Avg parameters measured
  • Verification of correct connection of the phases by means of the vectorial representation
  • Calculation of the phase shift and the absolute value
  • Unbalance measurement
  • PEAK mode for viewing the envelopes and waveforms of the inrush current