It is important not to waste time trying to understand how these instruments work. To prevent this, the keypad is divided into immediately identifiable areas (direct functions, pop-up menus, cursors, etc.), the broad, clear colour screen uses the same pictograms as the keypad and, above all, the display modes are highly structured.

Designed to cover all 600 V CAT IV and 1000 V CAT III applications in compliance with the IEC 61010 standard, the Qualistar+ range is divided up according to the instruments' functions and connection possibilities:
C.A 8331 & C.A 8333: 4 voltage inputs and 3 current inputs,
C.A 8336 & C.A 8435: 5 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs.
The whole range benefits from a set of inserts rings for customizing the colour coding for each country.

Equipped with IP67 connection technology for excellent waterproofing, the C.A 8435 is also compatible with all the existing Qualistar measurement accessories.

It also comes with a practical security feature: it is supplied with a steel Kensington anti-theft cable, widely used in the computing sector, to fasten the instrument and prevent theft or unwanted repositioning of the instrument.