Case Studies

The following case studies will help you understand how to use the Qualistar+ models to meet your needs.

Maintenance of solenoid valves using the Inrush function

How to check that the solenoid valve opening and closing system operates correctly very simply with a Qualistar+ by analysing the electrical signal controlling the pneumatic system




Case study on monitoring and analysis with the Qualistar+

Any dysfunction on a production line may cause a costly breakdown. This case study presents the case of a bottling plant suffering from intermittent production shutdowns.




Case study on installing a backup power supply

File servers, application servers or simple databases: data centres need to ensure high electrical system availability. This case study presents the measurements required to choose the best solution to avoid any power supply outages.




compensation énergie qualistarCase study on how to reduce your electricity bill!

To solve problems due to power overruns and enable customers to achieve substantial savings, Chauvin Arnoux and Enerdis explain the different steps to follow: measurement, analysis and implementation of the solution.





What are harmonics and what causes them? How can they be qualified and represented? What are the consequences for the electrical installation, the equipment, etc.?




Measurement of electrical power values

Instantaneous power, average power, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, etc. We provide a few reminders concerning these parameters which are fundamental in electronics, as well as the methods for measuring them in three-phase systems.




Using phasor diagrams to guarantee correct connections!

A measurement campaign may be totally erroneous and useless if the measurements are not performed correctly. One of the main sources of errors is incorrect wiring.





Electrical network quality and health
Find out all about flicker... its causes and consequences and how to measure it.