The analysers in the Qualistar range are configurable products which can be adapted with various accessories.

The extensive range of Qualistar accessories includes standard or specific cables and sets of inserts/rings for colour-coded identification.

IP67 accessories are also available for outdoor applications with the Qualistar+ C.A 8435.

AC, DC and AC+DC current clamps are available for current measurements from 500 mA to 10 kA. The Qualistar+ models allow users to mix different types of current clamps for a given measurement.

Reeling Box
This practical magnetized winder equipped with the MultifFIX system allows you to adjust the length of your cables. It can be opened so that users can install banana-type leads for
voltage measurements or MiniFlex® MA193-250 flexible sensors for current measurements. It also provides a simple means of stowing your cables.

User manual